The poi art form is something that has value for everyone. These LED Poi make the moves and motions all the more attractive.

Designed by spinners for spinners. We know the frustration of spending $40, $60, $80 or more and not always getting what you paid for. We also know the disappointment of spending less money and getting what you paid for :(

So we decided to find a solution. Here it is….. Spin-ballS Spin-lightS. From Ultra Music Fest to Burning Man tons of satisfied spinners.

The patent pending “Soft Core” ball design is great for beginners to jedi’s. We all whack ourselves once in a while, (Flow, Tech, working on the latest 3D stuff….it’s nice to be able to add to our moves without the pain.

You can do it all with Spin-lights, best of all you don’t have to pay too much for a high quality pair of glow poi.

The ball is removable from the cord and can be interchanged with our Sock Poi to create your own inexpensive LED Sock Poi.

Release your Inner spinner!!!

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"I can't believe how fun this is! And I can actually do it."

- Anne Creech Milton, DE