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Discover joy with Spinballs LED Poi!

What is Poi?

Poi is Maori for ‘ball on a string”.

Spinballs LED poi is a high quality, low cost poi option that allows anyone interested in trying this fun and beneficial activity to easily do so! As a modern version of the ancient Maori activity,  people of all ages are able to enjoy the benefits of the mind, body, and soul that come from its practice.

Practicing poi is useful for anyone – no matter how old you are, or where you are in your life. The physical, mental, and spiritual benefits are endless. It’s a pathway for people to discover their potential through a valuable lesson – to never give up and keep trying until you succeed.

Benefits of Poi


Get off the couch to build physical activity! Improves balance, coordination, reflexes and motor skills, as well as fosters flexibility. Spinning poi is an activity you can progress with and challenge yourself. There are endless tricks to learn as you advance thru the different levels.


It’s easy to tell yourself you can’t do something. But if you never try hard, you never succeed. For that reason, practicing poi boosts confidence and creates a sense of accomplishment once you realize you can do it. Overall, it improves mental awareness and rhythm, concentration, processing speeds, and memory


Comparable to tai chi and yoga – there are movements and hand paths that give it a spiritual, meditative appeal when you get in the zone. This is known as the flow state. It’s very therapeutic and calming when you reach this state, because you’re in peak effortless control and time seems to disappear.

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