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Mission Statement: 
To help spread the fun and enjoyment of the flow arts, especially poi, and growing the poi community through visibility, accessibility, and affordability of quality equipment.

Handle type: Loop

Leash options: One material with an adjustable length

Does your poi have a swivel? 

What’s the length, diameter of head, and mass of your poi?

  • Diameter = 3.5 inches or 8.25 cm
  • Length of tether = 14 inches – 28 inches
  • Mass of head = 2oz or 54 grams

How long does it take to charge?
N/A. Our poi do not have rechargeable batteries.

 Do you include batteries? What type of batteries are needed and how long do they last?
Batteries are included. The batteries we ship with have 24 hrs of playtime. Battery type:  Button battery, CR1632 (2 per ball)

Are there different modes and different amounts of battery drained per mode?
There are several different modes. The one that drains the most battery is the white mode with the dotted pattern

Number of preset patterns
1 – Rainbow Fade – Slowly goes through the rainbow spectrum of colors
2 – Solid Color – Pick a color and it stays there
3 – Rainbow Fade – Continues to slowly go through the rainbow spectrum of colors and repeats
4 – Strobe – Flashes through green/ red /blue in a strobe pattern
5 – Strobe – Flashes through the rainbow of colors in a strobe pattern
6 – Flame – Simulates the look of fire
7 – White – Solid
8 – White – Dotted Pattern

Are there color options per pattern?
There are no sub-modes per pattern, but the patterns are described above.

Can you program them?
No, but it remains on the last pattern selected when you turn them back on.

How is Spinballs different than other poi on the market?
Spinballs LED Poi are softer than most poi and the features/modes of the LED, like the the white and the white strobe modes, are not found with comparably-priced Poi on the market. Our swivel and cord is also designed for durability and better performance.

My Spinballs stopped working. Can I send it back for a replacement? 
If your Spinballs LED poi stops working in the first 3 months, we will send you a replacement. After that time period, we will provide you with a 50% discount for a new pair of Spinballs. If there’s an issue with a single Poi, we will replace it. We do not send a new pair to replace a single issue.

Do you have a warranty?
No, we do not.

Is Spinballs safe to play with?
Yes! We comply with all consumer safety requirements and specifications. Our safety report is available should you need it.

What’s the material of the balls?
(PVC) roto casting.