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Our Story

Jimi Dennison

I first started spinning poi when I was 23 years old. I had been a juggler since my teens, but somehow had never stumbled into the world of poi. Looking for fresh inspiration and a challenge, I ordered a video and a set of practice poi. I didn’t know how much I’d like it, but I figured it would help me blow off some steam from my boring desk job. I ended up falling in love with it. I wanted other people to experience the physical and mental benefits, so eventually I started a class at a Florida youth center. Since poi kits were tough to come by and were expensive, I started making my own and we would use those during class. I even bought little glow bracelets to put on the ends of the tennis balls to brighten things up a bit. Everyone loved them!

Kevin Daniels

I grew up skateboarding and surfing in the extreme sports world. I was never really into juggling or similar activities. Fast forward to years later. There was a youth center in town that had a skatepark, so I often took my kids there. One night, I saw a guy teaching a poi class. I was immediately intrigued. I thought my kids would like to try spinning poi, but I didn’t expect to fall in love with it more than them and became a regular attendee of Jimi’s spin sessions after that night. I ended up buying some glow poi from overseas and brought them to play with during one of the jams. But they weren’t working properly and I was frustrated with how much I paid for them.

After that night we started talking about our frustrations with the existing poi kits. It was hard to find affordable, quality poi in the United States. All the other kits were expensive, or cheap quality and broke all the time. We saw an opportunity to do it better.

We launched Spinballs in 2010 in South Florida. Since then, our mission has been simple: To introduce poi and all of its benefits to as many people as possible through the accessibility and affordability of quality equipment and grow the flow arts community.  If our mission is achieved, then there will be potentially millions of people who have grown through the use of poi. Their improved mental and physical health, as well as their renewed interest in self-improvement, will change their world for the rest of their lives.

We love and respect the activity and poi community. It’s a very unique blend of fun and challenge. But it’s not so challenging that it feels impossible to do. We have tuned our product to our specifications, because we believe it’s the best combination of features for a beginner or expert. Our soft shell is unique, and we have a different set of light modes than anyone else at an affordable price point.  We want to expose everyone in America to poi and make it easy for them to try it!