Spinballs LED Poi



Spinballs LED Poi light up the entire spectrum of the rainbow! Comes with 1 pair of poi, 1 instructional dvd, and 1 carry bag. Pick up a set for you or a friend and release your inner spinner!

Features 8 light modes:

  • Rainbow Fade
  • Solid Color
  • Rainbow Fade
  • Strobe – green, red, blue
  • Rainbow Strobe
  • Flame
  • White
  • White Dotted Pattern

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This complete starter kit is great for beginners or the more advanced spinners. The soft-core ball design is perfect for all ages and makes the occasional hit no big deal. A gain without the pain! Spinballs are lightweight, weighing in at 3 ounces per ball, and leashes adjust from 12 through 24 inches and have double loop handles.


  • 1 pair of Spinlights LED Poi
  • Carry Bag
  • Instructional DVD
  • Batteries are pre-loaded, each ball takes 2 CR1632 batteries.

What is Spinballs LED Poi?

A  set of glowing balls attached to adjustable leashes that create a visual effect when you spin them around in rhythmical and geometric patterns. Impress your friends and bystanders! Fun for parties, festivals, night outings, and camping, or to practice physical and mental coordination!

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Spinballs is also Special Needs Approved! Read about all the benefits and the full report on AblePlay.




Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs

3.5 inches

Length of tether

14 inches – 28 inches

Mass of head

2 oz